Perjury just isn't sexy

But confessing your sexual adventurism from a church via video to the newly ordained public while your wife holds your hand is.

We really don't give a damn about how difficult it was to explain your mindless behavior to your sons.  We don't care that your wife hasn't kicked your bum ass out.  We'd much rather take your suggestion about respecting your family's privacy.

Rather, we shouldn't care and we should leave your victims alone, but sex sells and we love misery.  Even better for you:  This whole fiasco you've caused, the $9 million you've let slip away can be spun as being about sex.  Wives and kids make good shields afterall, and betrayal becomes easier and easier the more you practice.

You may have to forsake the Hip Hop Mayor persona though and convert to the Metrosexual Mayor.  Hell, you've used a church and the faith it represents.  A few agonized, theatrically held back tears couldn't hurt.  Besides, aren't you supposed to be bangin' the bitches as the Hip Hop Mayor?

So much like the hyped Super Bowl in Detroit.  Just another one night stand.

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