Yep, amazing

It is amazing more hockey players don't get this sort of injury - being slashed in the neck by a skate.  All kinds of stuff can happen in hockey though. 

Back when I played (as a kid) in the no-checking age-range, I slid into the boards with another kid and broke his leg.  I gave myself a mild concussion another time because my helmet was on too loose, was looking only at the puck and slammed, helmet-to-helmet, into another kid doing the same.  Looked like a crazed barbarian with dried blood all over my face for the rest of the game.  Now I have a scar right between my eyes.

Not to make light of Zednick's injury, but it's more amazing stuff like this isn't more common.  You don't really except people's feet to come at your head, rising shots going 80 to 100 mph are a different matter.

But it's also hockey, and they've got themselves some batshit crazy to live up to.

h/t Moron of the Year HQ

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